Francesca Vantellini

After the degree in Conservation of Contemporary Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan (Italy), I soon started to work in the photography field as photographic restorer.

After some years spent in the conservation of old and modern photographies in Italy and in Luxembourg, my love for photography itself brought me to take pictures at concerts and events for a music magazine and for some corporations. 

When I moved to Luxembourg, I had the opportunity to go on with my two activities (conservation and photography), and to take part in some exhibitions with a group of artists (The Art Group).

My specialties are events, fine art photography and of course weddings with my friend and partner Gretel.

These are some of my most important collaborations:

CND Luxembourg; Dance Elancé Schifflange, Passaparola,,, Brand Portal srl, Lob srl, IAMA Consulting srl.